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    How Auto Zone Protect You And Your New Car:

    Here at Auto Zone South East Ltd we want you to have complete piece of mind motoring. 

    Whether buying a brand-new vehicle or a great value used car, one of the key demands is knowing that you’ve invested in dependability.

    Like many, you will be accustomed to day-to-day usage of your vehicle.

    For example, you could drive over a nail; your bodywork could get chipped or scratched; you could suffer a breakdown at the side of the road or worse, write off your vehicle completely. Any of these can cause significant disruption to your plans as well as your pocket!

    Despite Auto Zone's extensive pre delivery checks we understand it’s impossible to guarantee that your car will never suffer from day to day damage, at  Auto Zone South East Ltd weve teamed up with AutoProtect to provide you with total vehicle protection that has been designed to mitigate the costs associated with vehicle repairs large and small. 

    Since 2004, many drivers have chosen AutoProtect for their vehicle protection, and over 3,000 car dealerships nationwide have elected to sell their products as they know that they offer award-winning products created by a brand you can trust. Hundreds of thousands of drivers are protected – the owners of cars, caravans, coaches, motorcycles, motor homes, trucks and vans.

    With increases in insurance premiums and rising fuel costs, car ownership is becoming more and more expensive. Plus, with maintenance and repairs crucial to the preservation of performance and resale value, keeping mobile doesn’t come cheap. With AutoProtect, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be protected, potentially saving you hundreds – if not thousands – of pounds.

    We offer warranties on all of our cars and you can have up to 36 months cover to protect you should you need it. We only provide the highest package (Gold) level of cover which gives our customers total protection and the protection and reassurance you would expect as an Auto Zone South East Ltd customer.

    Ask one of our team for the packages available.

    Dont take our word for how good they are, read some recent testimonials from their customers: http://www.autoprotect.co.uk/autoprotect-reviews

    We know you want to love your new car and look after it so we also offer Williams paint and interior protection to keep your car looking fantastic.

    Have a look at the Warranty and Protection videos on the side of this page, if you have any questions just give us a call or fill in an enquiry form below and we would be happy to help.

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